​Busan to establish digital twin-based urban management infrastructure

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : May 22, 2023, 16:42 Updated : December 26, 2023, 17:31

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SEOUL -- South Korea's southern port city will establish a digital twin technology-based urban management infrastructure to test disaster situations such as flooding and make preparations for such real-life disasters. A digital twin platform created by a state-run land information company will be used to build the virtual replica of the port city.
A digital twin is a virtual clone of an object or an infrastructure. Digital twins are frequently used as testing grounds for new technologies or other elements to figure out the results of real-life situations. Business operators can test their products under many different conditions without causing an irreversible effect in real life.
Busan said in a statement that the city will work with Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation (LX Corporation) to carry out the digital twin-based management project. "The management system can be used for monitoring building infrastructure vulnerable to various types of disasters such as fire and flooding," a Busan official told Aju Business Daily on May 22.
The adoption of digital technology is gaining momentum in South Korea. The Ministry of Environment aims to create digital twin solutions for aerial and underwater drones so they can efficiently inspect dangerous areas where human workers cannot reach. Using digital twin technology, drones can thoroughly inspect dams without any blind spots.

In April 2022, the southern city of Daegu unveiled its scheme to build a disaster monitoring infrastructure using digital twin technology. A disaster monitoring center that incorporates the nationwide public safety-LTE network will be established. A data center will be also created to share disaster-related information. 

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