Expo in Seoul showcases Korea's tourist attractions

By Im Yoon-seo Posted : July 5, 2024, 15:41 Updated : July 12, 2024, 08:19
A tourism expo bustles with visitors at COEX in Seoul on July 4, 2024. AJU PRESS Park Jong-hyeok


SEOUL, July 5 (AJU PRESS) - A tourism expo kicked off its three-day run at COEX in Gangnam, southern Seoul on Thursday. Participated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), the expo aims to attract tourists from both home and overseas, by showcasing major tourist destinations in Korea and promoting various tour services.

With participation from over 120 government agencies, tour operators, and other related companies, the expo offers diverse tour programs and services. KTO is also providing customized consulting services and other support programs to both participants and visitors during the expo, which wraps up on Saturday.

Leaflets and books are displayed at a tourism expo in Seoul on July 4, 2024.
Busan Tourism Organization (BTO) stood out among the exhibitors, attracting visitors with useful tips and information about the southern port city's popular destinations like Haeundae and Gwangalli Beaches. It also introduced exciting leisure activities like yachting and coastal monorail rides.

"Busan's unique blend of business and leisure, along with its beautiful coastline, would offer unforgettable memories for visitors," said Cho Gook-in from BTO's Seoul office.
The main screen of a taxi-hailing app is shown in this image taken at a tourism expo in Seoul on July 4, 2024.

One of the expo's highlights includes the participation of several startups showcasing innovative technologies and platforms aimed at making travel easier and more convenient.

"Korea boasts many great tourist spots in provincial and rural areas, but tourists often encounter challenges due to limited transportation options," said Choi Jong-hoon from transportation startup GroundK. "We are collaborating with local governments and provincial offices to improve accessibility and attract more tourists."

One of its services includes a taxi-hailing platform, allowing users to easily book rides via a mobile app or website, prepay, and access visual information about their travel destinations.

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