Cuba's K-pop fan community leader visits Korea amid renewed bilateral relations

By Park Ung Posted : July 8, 2024, 12:46 Updated : July 8, 2024, 12:50
Courtesy of the Korean Council on Latin America and the Caribbean (KCLAC)
SEOUL, July 8 (AJU PRESS) - Cultural exchanges between Korea and Cuba are showing signs of growth following the recent normalization of relations between the two countries.

Last week, a dinner hosted by the Korean-Cuban Friendship Association brought together Han Byung-kil, head of the Korean Council on Latin America and the Caribbean (KCLAC) with several Cuban officials and others. Among the guests was Marta Maria Cabrera, president of ArtCor, a Cuban-based K-pop fanbase with about 10,000 members.

During the dinner on Saturday, Cabrera, currently visiting Korea, discussed the burgeoning popularity of Korean music and dramas in the Caribbean country, highlighting ArtCor's role in promoting Korean culture and outlining its future plans.

Han expressed his optimism about the trend. "There is a saying, 'Strike while the iron is hot,'" Han said. "I believe now is the opportune time to solidify the bilateral relationship which is about to begin anew."

Formed in 2015 and officially recognized by the Cuban Ministry of Culture in 2019, ArtCor is credited with spearheading the Korean Wave in Cuba by introducing Korean culture and history to the Cuban people.

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